Pope Francis, to the young Slovaks: "Don’t listen to the happiness manipulators"

Pope Francis today asked the young people of Slovakia “not to listen to the manipulators of happiness”, as he considered to “those who talk to them about dreams and instead sell them illusions” during their third day of activities in the European country.

“The big dreams are not the powerful car, the fashionable clothes or the transgressive trip. Do not listen to those who speak of dreams and instead sell you illusions, they are manipulators of happiness,” the Pope said to some 20,000 young people who gathered at the Lokomotiva stadium in Kosice, 312 kilometers east of the capital Bratislava.

“Water your roots, go see your grandparents, it will do you good; ask them questions, take time to listen to their stories,” encouraged Jorge Bergoglio, 84, who arrived in Slovakia on Sunday for a visit that will end tomorrow.

In his speech, the Pope stated that “today there is a danger of growing uprooted, because we tend to run, to do everything in a hurry.”

“What we see on the internet can quickly reach us home, just one click and people and things appear on the screen. And then it turns out that they become more familiar than the faces of those who have engendered us,” he lamented.

“Full of virtual messages, we run the risk of losing our real roots,” he warned them.

The last time a Vatican representative arrived at the Lokomotiva stadium was on September 1, 2018, when the then prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Angelo Becciu, beatified the young Kosice Anna Kolesarova, killed by a soldier. Soviet Union in 1944 after resisting rape.

On a day in which he celebrated the Divine Liturgy for the Greek Catholics, the majority in eastern Slovakia, and after visiting a gypsy district of Kosice, the Pope dismissed in front of the young the theories that promote “that each one deals with yours”.

“Dear young people, do not let yourself be conditioned by this, by what does not work, by the evil that rages. Do not let yourself be imprisoned by the sadness or the resigned discouragement of those who say that nothing will ever change,” he told them.

“If you believe in this, you get sick of pessimism. You get old inside. And you get old when you are young,” he said. (Télam)

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