Players are left out of the Cuba team for lack of “patriotism”

Eriel Sánchez, team director Cuba category sub 23 who will participate in the III World Cup in Sonora, Mexico, commented that some players could have been left out of the selection under extra-sports criteria such as “lack of patriotism.”

Just hours after the members of the group made themselves known this Monday, Sánchez offered statements to the official website Cubadebate, after questions about the exclusion of names like Yosimar Cousín or Yunior Tur.

“What I can say about that is that to make national teams that represent our country in an international event, there are many parameters to measure,” said the receiver from Spiritus.

“It’s not just looking at how much he hit, how much he pitched, or how much he fielded, there are other aspects like discipline, patriotism, and so on. I have said in other interviews that it is inconceivable that they are not there by name and results, but that they then review the other parameters and see where they failed, where they were wrong, and what aspects are those that do not meet to be here, “he explained .

“It is not something that we decide directly, but we must analyze those other aspects,” he added. Next Tuesday, September 21, the team of 24 players will leave for that country for two days after making their debut in this type of competition, in a fight against 11 other nations in the world, classified by geographical areas.

Upon learning of the exclusion of young people, there were various reactions. “Continues the cynicism and disrespect in our baseball, the best reliever of the National Series Yunior Tur and the promising Yosimar Cousín were not called,” said a user on Facebook.

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“For that and many other things, baseball in Cuba is and will be condemned to lose more quality and more athletes every day,” he concluded.

Similarly, the Camagüey Bulls team ruled on the case of its member, Cousín. “How is it possible that an athlete who is in the Top10 of that category in the country according to all the specialists, is ignored when all the lists are made for just over a year? Are the clubs that send offers from Mexico, Panama and other countries to the Cuban Federation wrong about the quality of Yosimar? ”He asked this Friday.

“Who can explain why this boy has gone from opening Korea in a Premier 12 to the saddest oblivion? Who is responsible for this injustice? ”He added.

The cast of Sub 23 It will be made up of three receivers, seven infielders, four outfielders and 10 pitchers, in which the Havanans Bryan Chi and Yandi Molina must be included. Chi and Molina, with experience in National Series and in the international arena, were part of the roster of the national team that got second place in the World Cup, held in Nicaragua, and which was qualifying for the World Cup.

The III U23 World Cup will represent Cuba’s debut in these competitions that emerged in 2016, and where Chinese Taipei and Mexico were proclaimed champions in the first and second editions, respectively.

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