Plagiarism hunter finds 100 problematic matches in Baerbock’s book

PLagiatsjäger Stefan Weber has, according to his own statements, examined the books of the Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock and Armin Laschet more closely. According to his own statements, he found significantly more problematic matches with foreign texts than previously known, especially with the Green leader Baerbock. The investigation of Baerbock’s book “Jetzt. How we are renewing our country ”he ended up with 100 plagiarism fragments and does not claim to be complete, said Weber on Monday evening. The Bild newspaper reported first. Weber also lists other noticeable passages in the book by NRW Prime Minister and Union Chancellor candidate Laschet. He also raises allegations against SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz. None of those affected commented on Weber’s reports on Monday evening.

In Laschet’s book “The Rising Republic. Immigration as an opportunity ”Weber speaks of a total of 17 critical fragments in the book“ Hoffnungsland. A New German Reality ”by Scholz from three verified fragments of plagiarism. The examination of Scholz’s book has not yet been completed. There are also initial similarities in his speeches.

“Obviously, political discourse is just as brazen as it is in science, but so far it has not been documented in such a formative way from anyone as from Annalena Baerbock,” Weber explained. “She is Mrs. Guttenberg of the political non-fiction book.” But Laschet and Scholz “would also be expected to use their own words whenever they do not quote directly.”

Baerbock had already admitted several times that he had made mistakes in her book. Your publisher had announced that it would provide the book with additional sources. Late on Monday evening, the Greens did not give an opinion on Weber’s new allegations.

The State Chancellery of Prime Minister Laschet in Düsseldorf did not initially comment on Monday evening. Laschet had declared at the end of July that there were obvious mistakes in his book from 2009 for which he was responsible. “At least one author of the material used in the book is not mentioned in the text or in the list of sources,” he said at the time. He specifically apologized for this. To clarify whether there were any further errors, he had the book checked.

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