Pilot order for missing persons drama on NBC

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Found: Pilot order for missing persons drama on NBC

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Berlanti Productions is allowed to produce a drama pilot for NBC that revolves around 600,000 missing people in the United States. What is behind their disappearance? And why does the incident primarily affect People of Color?

Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden were most recently responsible as producers for formats such as The Flight Attendant on HBO Max, You on Netflix and Superman & Lois on The CW. With the label Berlanti Productions the trio was able to accommodate a new drama pilot at NBC. The network broadcaster leaves the script to All American author Nkechi Okoro Carroll.

The title of the planned format is “Found“Because the story revolves around a gigantic number of missing person cases. Rock My Soul Productions and Warner Bros. Television are also involved in the production.

Specifically, the story is about 600,000 people missing in the United States. More than half of them are People of Colorwhich raises additional questions. The focus is on a PR expert who once disappeared herself and is now supposed to lead a special team that is supposed to take care of the large-scale search. However, she has a dark secret of her own …

The main role is currently still vacant. And all of the other roles in the NBC pilot are “Found“To distribute.

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