“Pilgrims of the Lord”, the theme of Kmila Reynoso that portrays the faith of the traveler

Great emotions are those that each September brings with the veneration of the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle. It is a festive event sustained over time by the faithful who renew their covenant of faith year after year.

Perhaps among the most moving of this celebration is the figure of the pilgrims who this year were invited to honor the patron saints from their localities due to the context of the pandemic.

His unwavering faith, his firm and constant step make many artists bend to the climate of devotion of the Miracle of Salta and pay homage with their art. This is the case of the song “Pilgrims of the Lord”.

While the song of Kmila Reynoso and Santiago Pedroza came to light during 2018, the emotion it transmits makes each September sound like the first time.

“There was something that needed to come from within me and that is why I joined in completing the lyrics and putting music on it,” said Kmila, recalling how the creative process of the song was.

“It is dedicated to all walkers and it is a message for myself of great strength, it is helpful and I hope it will be a refuge for all,” said Kmila.

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