Perfect silhouette: Camila Cabello raises the temperature with an incredible photoshoot

Camila Cabello it became the cover of the 21st issue of “Hunger” magazine. The 24-year-old Cuban-American singer-songwriter and actress spoke openly about her mental health and her new music: “If it is affecting my mental health in a negative way, I will say no and I will do it another way.”

On the other hand, Camila He spoke about the defense of Cuban social problems: “When I am in the United States, showing the beautiful part of Cuban culture, I feel that I also have to be there for the difficult part, for the people who are struggling.”

In the last hours, Camila Cabello He shared four photographs on his official Instagram account that dazzled a large part of his millions of followers around the planet. In it you can see the Latina displaying all her beauty before the camera for the aforementioned professional production for the magazine “Hunger”. The interpreter of “Never Be the Same” wore four different outfits. The pic that most caught the attention of her fans was the one that appears posing with a black bodysuit, a beige cardigan, black hat and buccaneer boots In addition, the talented artist complemented her look with a delicate make up.

Source: Instagram Camila Cabello

“Thank you @hungermagazine” was the simple and promotional text that he chose as the epigraph Hair to accompany his recent snapshots on the popular little camera network.

Source: Instagram Camila Cabello

As expected this publication whose main protagonist is the couple of Shawn Mendes It was quickly filled with likes, easily surpassing the barrier of 750 thousand hearts. In addition, the aforementioned post received thousands of messages of affection and praise from his most loyal followers towards his beauty and his chosen look.


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