Pennywise the clown appears in the sewer of Nuevo León (+ PHOTOS)

Pennywise the clown (It) appeared in a sewer in New Lion and the images went viral.

The photos of the clown spread through social networks after an alleged joker recreated the scene that undoubtedly caused a scare in more than one inhabitant.

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Pennywise, protagonist of the movie “It”, became popular as one of the most representative characters of terror on our screens.

The film that became famous in the 90s and established itself as one of the favorites of the genre, which makes it ideal for these dates.

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Out of nowhere, in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, on the streets of Hidalgo and Zaragoza, there was a red balloon that attracted attention; below, for those who dared to be more observant, inside a sewer, it was possible to see how Pennywise was leaning out, scaring away more than one who passed through the place.

In Guadalupe, Nuevo León, in the streets of Hidalgo and Zaragoza a red balloon suddenly appeared that caught the attention of the inhabitants.

For those who dared to inspect the scene, the terrifying clown Pennywise could be seen as he peeked out of a sewer.

At the moment the identity of the alleged joker is unknown, but he undoubtedly left a mark in the memory of locals and on social networks.

Stephen King has earned a place in the horror genre as one of the best storytellers who always comes up with terrifying monsters and villains that become part of pop culture.

Among his most popular and beloved works is the novel It (1986), which despite having a mixed reception and even generated some controversy due to some of its themes, has now become a favorite among horror fans. and his main monster, Pennywise, is one of his scariest creations.


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