Paty Cantú and Belinda boast the easiest hairstyle to do and that is a trend in autumn

When it comes to fashion, celebrities are the first to wear them, whether in clothes, accessories, footwear and even hairdo, this time Paty Cantú and Belinda boast one of the hairstyles easier to do and what is a trend in autumn.

It is a hairstyle that can be styled in various ways to suit your style and personality, whether in straight hair u wavy your personality can continue to shine in the season where there is seeing and some rain.

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And it is that before the fun outings with friends or for a photo session as an influencer that you are surely on more than one occasion you have thought about only picking up the hair so that it does not fall on the face, because that is the easiest hairstyle of doing.

The most flattering hairstyle in fall is the high collection, Paty Cantú recently shared several pictures as part of her collaboration with Galmour and it really looks fantastic, plus it gives it a jovial touch and very modern.

Very well stylized the hairstyle of the Mexican singer appears on Instagram, with an ideal outfit for a night of horror movies, and what distinguishes her ponytail from others is that she prefers a long bangs divided into two.

Another one of the unmissable details of the one born in Houston, Texas, United States are the waves that she wears in the rest of her hair, you can wear it in any of the ways, you can even add a monkey the handkerchief, for a family picnic Sunday.

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But if you are looking for a hairstyle that will get you out of trouble because they have a last minute meeting then you may well be inspired by Belinda, that in social networks the lover of Christian Nodal has boasted a extra high collection on straight hair.

The girl born in Spain but naturalized Mexican wears her hair completely gathered up, and Belinda also refers to the singer Ariana Grande because the high ponytail is divided in half, to leave the prominence to the accessories and her metallic dress.

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You can even have more control of your hair if you loose hair you tie some rubber bands to create effect high ponytail with bubbles, you will be the sensation anywhere and more than one will want to copy such a beautiful hairstyle.


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