Paris: parking for motorized two-wheelers will ultimately not be chargeable before September 1, 2022

An additional delay for owners of motorized two-wheelers. Contrary to what had been announced by the Parisian municipality, the paid parking of scooters and thermal motorcycles will not be effective on January 1, 2022 and has been postponed to September 1, 2022.

“We encountered technical problems,” said David Belliard, this Thursday, November 25, clearly implying that the establishment of paid parking for motorized two-wheelers in the capital had been more complicated than expected. The deputy in charge of mobility has thus announced that the measure is therefore postponed to September 1, 2022.

Test phases remain to be carried out

In question according to the elected? The difficulty in setting up “full-scale tests”, and this, because of the “refusal of the State” to let the town hall “access” certain “databases”.

“The relationship with the user is essential, the City of Paris will not rush the implementation of paid parking before the entire system is fully operational, which requires testing phases in large number”, then clarified the municipality in a press release.

But if the establishment of the parking of motorized two-wheelers will not be effective before September 1, 2022, “the possibility of applying for a resident card or a professional card will be open from July 1, 2022,” said David Belliard, who also explained that the municipality wanted to go through the government interface of France Connect in order to “limit the number of documents to be provided” for users.

“Identification via the France Connect account with access to data already recorded will certify the fact that an applicant is a resident will allow rapid and reliable entry of data related to vehicles (motorization, registration data, etc.)”, perhaps we read in a press release sent this Thursday evening. Automation which should allow the municipality to process a file “in a few hours compared to several days now”.

But no question of leaving the subject of the parking of scooters and motorcycles to oblivion so far, since in the meantime, the municipality wishes to “maintain zero tolerance on inconvenient parking and on sidewalks”. For this, the municipal police “will strengthen its controls and will be fully mobilized on this subject”, we warn at the Town Hall.

Criticized by Parisian motorcyclists, supported by the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC), this measure has been the subject of many criticisms. Last Saturday again, several hundred of these angry bikers, according to figures from the police headquarters, demonstrated against paid parking in the streets of the capital.

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