Parents who make these mistakes in raising their children break their hearts forever

Most parenting mistakes made by parents are due to worrying too much about their children, however, once they become aware of what they did wrong, they can begin to do things the right way by focusing on what is truly valuable. and essential in life.

Parents want the best for their children but often because of attachments, projections, expectations and perfectionism, disguised as love and good intentions, they often make parenting mistakes that can harm their children and break their hearts forever.

Specialists share the most common parenting mistakes parents make so they can self-correct and raise their children in a more mindful and empowering way that allows them to become fully functional people without fear of life.

Teach them to look down on others

Unfortunately one of the great mistakes of parents is teaching their children to despise others. From a young age, innocent beings are being raised by their parents to think and act as better and superior than other children, which will end up hurting their confidence and self-esteem.

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Ignore their talents

Children are incredibly smart, creative, and resourceful, and parents have a lot to teach them. But when children are treated as beings who know nothing by parents who believe they know everything, it damages their confidence and self-esteem, but also creates an emotional distance between parents and children.

Treat them like glass

Parents must understand that they cannot raise their children as if they were made of glass and they cannot prevent them from making mistakes. They must give them the freedom to experience life and trust that they will return after each fall – stronger, wiser, and more confident in their ability to overcome whatever obstacles they encounter.

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Compare them with others

Parents want their children to be the best they can be, but when they compare them to other children by telling them to be more like others and less like themselves, they not only damage their level of confidence and self-esteem, they also teach them who they are, is not sufficient.

Wish they were perfect

Parents’ desire for their children to be perfect may seem noble and innocent, but it is not. No one can live up to this impossible expectation, not even children. And if they insist on imposing that desire for perfection on them, parents and children will suffer for the rest of their lives.

Give them everything they ask for

When parents give their children everything they want when they want it, regardless of whether they need it or not, it is a huge parenting mistake that can prevent children from learning to discern between what is valuable and essential in life and what it is not.

Show them little or no patience

Children are curious, they want to know everything and they need their parents to teach them and clear their doubts, thus they unite and create strong and genuine connections. But when parents don’t have patience with their children, they get irritated and annoyed, yelling at them to leave them alone, in time they will. In fact, they will be left alone.

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