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Pancho rodriguez He cannot return to Peru for five years. The reality boy of This is War spoke through a statement about his legal situation with Migrations, after he was prevented from entering the country and having spent the night at the Jorge Chávez airport with his little daughter while waiting for a permit .

From Chile, the model revealed that it has filed an appeal with its lawyers, as it considers that “it is not a crime.” He explained that he traveled to his homeland to spend the New Year, when he returned to Peru, they warned him that his entry was throwing “an alert.”

“Last Sunday, after the celebration of the New Year in Chile, under circumstances that I was at the Jorge Chávez Airport, I was informed by the official in charge, who,” he said.


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The reason is related to the scandal he starred in by attending a COVID party with the singer Yahaira Plasencia in the middle of the pandemic. At that time, Pancho Rodríguez was arrested for failing to comply with the measures imposed by the Peruvian government.

“And for which I already apologized publicly, in addition to the effective payment of a fine,” he said.

Pancho Rodríguez presents a statement on his legal situation. Photo: Instagram / Panchito Rodríguez

Pancho Rodríguez describes it as “unfair”

He thanked those who have shown solidarity with him with support. In addition, he clarified that although he has Chilean nationality, he loves Peru and wants to return to continue working here.

“I am grateful for the support of my family, friends and followers who have shown me solidarity and affection. I tell them that I feel fine and that I have faith (…) In order to enter Peru again, a country that I love, love and respect, where for more than seven years I have been developing my life and working honestly, “he concluded. the reality boy.

Pancho Rodríguez. Photo: Pancho Rodríguez / Instagram

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