Oskarín de Los Destrampados tried to hit Horacio Villalobos in Venga la Alegría

What a tense moment that was experienced within the morning show Venga la Alegría after two dear conductors starred in a discussion that was about to come to blows.

So much was the controversy that caused the lawsuit among the collaborators that other celebrities like “El Capi” Pérez had to intervene so that the situation did not happen to adults.

And it is that during the transmission of last Wednesday, October 13, the production surprised all the viewers of its segment I want to sing! by announcing the addition of a red button so that the judges of the singing competition can stop the presentations.

In that sense, Horacio Villalobos made the decision to press the red button to stop the performance of the famous clowns Los Destrampados, who interpreted the song Do you understand, Mendes ?, which minutes before they had dedicated to the controversial judge, with whom they have demonstrated have a good relationship.

However, everything changed when Horacio suddenly stopped the presentation of Los Destrampados by claiming that it was quite bad, which caused the anger of Oskarín who asked the cameras to stop recording it.

The comedian was so upset that he even went to the place where Villalobos was to try to hit him, but “El Capi” Pérez intervened and they stopped him while he threw punches and kicks into the air.

Seeing that the situation was leveling up, Joss went back for Oskarín and told him that everything was going to be solved at the “exit”. Between milestones, the member of Los Destrampados calmed down and listened to the reasons why his presentation was stopped.

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