Not at all top! The terrible location that they give to Wanda Nara when PSG plays in the Park of the Princes

A fanatic to the obsession of flaunting every luxurious thing that she buys, gets, is sent or has, it is likely that Wanda Nara do not make a fuss or take a badge from the place you were given at the Parque de los Príncipes stadium on the occasion of the last game played there by PSG, the team in which your husband plays, Mauro Icardi.

The blonde took her sister Zaira onto the court, and they watched 90 minutes of action from a very uncomfortable place. So much the opposite that surely he will never show it. Very far, of course, from the family of Lionel Messi and the Arab sheiks, who are the owners of the team.

Nothing of “7 stars” nor of proximity with the top-tops. The Argentines were sent “to a corner”, as they used to say in schools when a child did mischief. And from there, closer “to the populace” than to strategic locations, they had to follow the alternatives of a match that ended in an easy victory for the Parisian team: it was 4-0 over the weak Clermont.

Mauro Icardi He was a substitute and entered the field of play at 33 minutes of the second period, when the score had already reached the figures that would be final. The international sports media assume that PSG has all the chances of obtaining Ligue One comfortably and comfortably – the name of the French championship, which last year was in the hands of Lille – and that the greatest challenge for the Parisian team is to raise for the first time once the “orejona” that is delivered to the Champions League champions.

To get an idea of ​​the power of PSG, it is enough to report that Icardi, a player who had just been called up again for the Argentine national team, replaced the local superstar Killian Mbappé, for whom Real Madrid offered 130 million euros in what It would have been the most expensive pass of the season.


The Parisian team became a “branch” of Argentina in the center of the football map of the old continent, since Icardi we must add to Leandro Paredes, a bulwark of the national team that commands Lionel Scaloni, a Angel of Mary, author of the goal that gave our country the first title after 28 years of drought.

And nothing more and nothing less than Lio Messi, the latest and resounding addition with a whitish accent. The coach is also a compatriot: Maurio Pochettino he has an obligation to take it very far and find a place for every star he has on the roster.

A Wanda he likes the best places, the hotels at full throttle, the super sports cars, the gold, the diamonds, the overflow of color and display. And he also loves to show them off. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t said anything about the common and wild little place they gave him on the field the other day. And tied her Zaira, poor…


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