Nico Rojo pays tribute to victims of human rights violations with a live session at the National Stadium

“Estadio Nacional” is the new single by Nico Rojo that pays tribute to victims of Human Rights violations as a preview of his new album “Chuchunco”. The artist premieres a video clip taken from his show in the middle of the National Stadium, the largest detention center of the 1973 Dictatorship, a time that the artist unites with the victims of the 2019 Social Outbreak.

The artist pays tribute to those who lived through the horror in the historic site during the dictatorship, as well as to the new victims of human rights violations from the Social Outbreak. For this reason, and to enhance one of the emblematic songs of his future album, Rojo premieres a live video clip, recorded at Hatch No. 8, one of the emblematic sectors of the National Stadium, where thousands were tortured. Precisely, that is the theme of the new single, in which the artist seeks to expose openly the political wounds of Chile and the parallelism between the police abuses of the Social Outbreak of 2019 and the Dictatorship.

Photo: Darinka Osorio

“I grew up among relatives and neighbors beaten by the repression of the dictatorship, in a neighborhood marked by the history of the Vergara brothers and Carmen Gloria Quintana. Since the Social Outbreak, everything seemed like a traumatic regression to the Dictatorship. That marked me and is reflected in ‘National Stadium’ ”.

Live session

Regarding the unprecedented live session held there, the artist comments that “it was an overwhelming experience to play there, especially in the place of memory, a unique space that concentrates so much history and so much pain for our people”, highlights Nico Rojo. To enhance the emotional and political character of the show, the artist worked with Chilean filmmaker Felipe Prado, winner of the Inedit 2020, and the 2016 and 2020 Pulsar Awards.

Photo: Darinka Osorio
Photo: Darinka Osorio

The recording, mixing and mastering of the live sound was in charge of the award-winning duo Cadenasso and del Favero (also members of the group Matorral), who in turn have been making the musical production of the next LP by Nico Rojo, “Chuchunco”, which will see the light within the next few months.

The sound of this live version of the National Stadium is marked by the mixture of guitars, mellotrons and synthesizers, in a fusion that achieves colors and tones, enhancing the performance of the live band and marking a difference with respect to the studio works shown. up to now.

In the coming months, Nico Rojo will publish the complete session recorded at the sports venue. The studio version of Estadio Nacional is available on all music streaming platforms, while the live video can be seen below:

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