Next week the new SAETA increase would be defined

The president of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (AMT), Marcelo Ferraris, participated in a hearing with various officials and residents of Chicoana and its surroundings. The objective of the event was to dialogue to determine the increase in the bus ticket of the SAETA company.

In an interview given to CNNSalta-94.7Ferraris commented that the audience was positive and currently “the technical area is working, particularly the economic area.” The increase in the value of the ticket “Not resolved yet. Although it is known that SAETA requested 30%. We now have to resolve this request ”.

Regarding the company’s request, the official stated that: “You have to see, the request is logical if we take into account the increase in inputs. We are making some adjustments to see what can be logically authorized ”.

saeta 15 years

One of the options presented is that of a staggered increase, Ferraris highlighted this as an alternative but that should be analyzed. “Maybe next week we can have a definition of the increase”, He risked when estimating a date.

If the company’s request is endorsed, the ticket would go from the current $ 32 to $ 42.60 for the city of Salta. “It is quite good, there are several companies and several provinces that have been making increases. In Salta the last increase occurred in January of last year, We are within the national average “, highlighted the official who added:” We always try to find a balance between what the company asks for and the needs of the people. “

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