“Yesterday I spoke with Carmen and she is destroyed”, revealed the journalist Laura Ubfal

A new column by the journalist Laura Ubfal, to close the week with all the information related to the entertainment world. As always, in “Live every day”by The Compass 24.

One of the issues addressed by the specialist had to do with the health of Carmen Barbieri. It should be remembered that days ago, also in this same space, she remembered that she had had to miss her program again due to a health condition.

“We have to see what happens with Carmen Barbieri, I spoke with her yesterday and she is destroyed. It is expected that she can return on Tuesday, but the truth is that she is not having a good time, “said the specialist.

And he added: “What Carmencita least expected at this moment is to go through gastroenteritis, it seems that she ate a hamburger that she did not like. And she also says that there was a strong medication that she was taking and it took its toll.”

The growth of Angel de Brito. “It is the most watched in America, there they always do a tandem with Flor de la V and Mazzoco, which is going very well for them,” she explained in another section of her column Laura Ubfal.

And precisely regarding the program that the former model hosts, she recalled that “yesterday the daughter of Beatriz Salomón was there, who no longer wants to be called Ferriols, who is the one who denounced the father who is with home. She is very happy with her family on her mother’s side and she wants to see if she can live with them”. “One sees the girls well, protected, and it’s good news. They lived through very hard times, ”she synthesized.

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