World Stroke Day: How to detect the first symptoms?

It is estimated that every year 15 million people around the world suffer a stroke, of which 5 million die. More than 80% of these episodes are preventable through adequate control of risk factors, incorporating physical activity, a healthy diet and conducting periodic medical check-ups. On the occasion of World stroke day, which is held this October 29, specialists highlight the importance of knowing how to recognize symptoms early.

A recent survey revealed that more than 25% of Argentines continue without adopting an attitude of urgency when they recognize a warning sign of stroke. The delay in going to an appointment or calling the doctor immediately can make a huge difference in the impact of the episode.

“They decide to wait an hour or a day before acting and it is essential to understand what time is brain and what every minute that passes when a stroke occurs is equivalent to the death of two million neurons, holds the Dr. Pedro Lylyk, neurosurgeon, general director of the La Sagrada Familia Clinic, who together with the support of the Foundation for the Study of Neurosciences and Interventional Radiology (FENERI) carried out the research that measures the degree of knowledge of the population of the Buenos aires city About Risk Factors and Warning Signs for Stroke.

Among the data collected, 22% of those surveyed consider that if a person suffers a stroke and receives treatment, they may not fully recover. “We need to change the idea that people have. We have good news: If a person suffers a stroke and receives immediate care, their prognosis will surely be favorable. The key is to act quickly: identify the warning signs and go to the nearest health service that has the most technology “Lylyk says.

Risk factor’s

Respondents argue that stress it is the leading cause of a stroke. However, specialists assure that it is an important factor, but that there are other more determining factors such as: hypertension, diabetes, smoking, certain cardiac arrhythmias, sedentary lifestyle.

High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors, since is present in almost 80% of patients who suffer a strokel en la Argentina. Furthermore, 22% of those who have a stroke are diabetic. On the other hand, the danger increases between 50% and 70% in smokers, and the impact is greater in women. Other risk factors are high cholesterol and alcoholism.

Hypertension, diabetes, smoking, certain cardiac arrhythmias, sedentary lifestyle, are among the main causes of stroke.

In this sense, strict control of blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease is essential. As well, treat nicotine addiction, perform regular physical activity, lose weight avoiding obesity-overweight, eat a balanced diet and avoid alcohol. Other measures include the use of antiplatelet agents (for example, aspirin).

“It is extremely important to understand that stroke can be prevented and that it is essential to lead a healthy life, work on risk factors, and carry out regular medical check-ups”, warned the Dra. Valeria El Haj, OSPEDYC National Medical Director.

The specialists assure that ACV does not discriminate based on sex. It affects both some and others. “For both men and women healthy lifestyle habits such as a diet with less salt, less processed foods, the incorporation of fruits and vegetables, routine physical activity, weight control and good blood pressure control, not smoking, good control of diabetes and cholesterol through preventive medical consultation help reduce the risk not only of stroke but also of heart attack “, recommended the Dr. Juan Jose Cirio, Head of Neurology at La Sagrada Familia.

More than 80% of these episodes are preventable through adequate control of risk factors.

Act immediately

Respondents identify how important alerts to which attention should be paid and immediately consulted with the professionals facial or body paralysis and problems speaking or understanding. In this regard, Lylyk maintains that: “The warning signs that cause an immediate reaction are those that combine several symptoms together: feeling paralysis of a part of the body along with speech problems or in cases where they cannot take objects from the purse and start drooling and when they try to order. help they cannot pronounce a word ”.

Nevertheless, sudden headache, of maximum intensity was not recognized by 30% of those surveyed as a warning sign of stroke. “This type of headache, often referred to as” the worst headache of your life, which begins suddenly “is included within the symptoms of stroke because it is suggestive of the rupture of a cerebral aneurysm, being the pain generated by the sudden outflow of blood from the arteries when the aneurysm ruptures towards the meninges or even towards the brain tissue itself ”, Lylyk explained.

Actions for World ACV Day

As part of World Stroke Day, this year monuments and / or historical buildings from all over the country will be illuminated in red as a sign of the enormous effort that each province is making to reduce service times. In CABA the Monument to the Spaniards, The Monumental Tower, the Woman’s Bridge and the Flower Floralis. The dome of the planetary of the City of Buenos Aires, will take center stage for an impressive projection of lights and sounds.

At 20 hours. the recognized DJ Fer Palacio will make a live that will broadcast to the whole country by YouTube under the motto “Dance and have fun, keeping moving helps prevent stroke.”

On the other hand, the FENERI Foundation with the support of the La Sagrada Familia Clinic and the ENERI Medical Institute organize an awareness day at the Planetarium from 4 to 6:30 p.m. There will be a open physical activity class; healthy tents where attendees can perform the Control of blood pressure and the condition of the carotids (involved in most strokes) will be evaluated through the practice of color Doppler ultrasound; and they will learn about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

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