With blockades, they cause road chaos on the Ciudad Victoria to Monterrey highway

This Friday afternoon, several roadblocks were reported at the height of the town of El Tomaseño, in the municipality of Hidalgo, Tamaulipas, on the Ciudad Victoria to Monterrey highway.

According to the first reports, these actions originated from the fact that elements of the Investigative Police tried to carry out arrest warrants against members of the “Pedro José Méndez” Civic Column, from the municipality of Hidalgo.

Trucks and different vehicles would have been placed on the road to prevent the passage of cars, which generated traffic chaos on said road.

In relation to the origin of these events, the Attorney General of the State of Tamaulipas reported that received a report about armed persons aboard a Ford pick-up vehicleRanger model, gray color, with Nuevo León plates.

Agents of the Investigative Police located the vehicle, and when they were stopped in order to verify the report, the crew members refused and accelerated to get away from the place. As they fled, they hit a motorized unit of the Investigative Police, dragging and beating an agent, who recognized the driver of said vehicle as Cesáreo “N”, presumed member of the “Pedro J. Méndez” column organization.

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