“Win or die”: a minister revealed the crude request of the militants of the Front of All

With the internal of the Front of All in its worst moment, the Minister of Public Works of the Nation, Gabriel Katopodisspoke this Saturday about the crossings between the Kirchnerism tough and those who support the government.

“The Front of All is greater than the agreement between albert and Cristina”, assured Katopodiswho later revealed that they received a lapidary message from the militancy: “win or die“.

“I have to speak with militants not only from the AMBA but from the entire country. In a moment as complex as the one we are experiencing, it is very important that we have clarity of objectives to order, direct this debate, and as quickly as we can, and everything As long as we can talk to society again, sometimes it seems that we are talking to each other,” the minister stressed.

“To remove Macri, the people asked us to unite, to be together, and that is worth governing today and for 2023. The only thing that the people have to defend themselves is the Front of All, what cannot happen is that they return because of us, that is not allowed in the Frente de Todos,” he added Katopodis.

“The Frente de Todos is bigger than the agreement between Alberto and Cristina, they are the governors, they are the mayors, the workers and our militancy. Not even with Perón was it only Perón, in Peronism in 45 it was Evita, the union organizations, workers on foot in the square”, highlighted Katopodis in dialogue with the program “The end of the metaphor” of Radio 10.

“There is a debate that is taking place in the Frente de Todos that I bank. That we are discussing how to improve the salary and purchasing power of workers and that we are not talking, like the opposition, about freezing joint and minimum wage, I want to give that discussion. Peronism gives it as it does, with its face uncovered, in front of the militancy,” he stressed. Katopodis.

“I had to be in many municipalities in the province of Buenos Aires, I walked Catamarca, Mendoza, Río Negro, everywhere, when I meet militants, the message is very clear: ‘Win or die.’ the comrades’ proposal is: ‘Crazy, debate what you have to debate’. The only thing that is not allowed is to lose in 2023, “the minister completed.

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