Why Cristina Fernández de Kirchner fears losing the province of Buenos Aires

It’s known that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has a priority objective for next year: to retain control of the Buenos Aires province and the majority of the municipalities of the conurbano, since for this the mayors were enabled to play for one more mandate. The ruling party absolutely needs an important victory in the Greater Buenos Airesan issue that remains to be seen taking into account the numbers of poverty and falling purchasing power.

It’s been a while since the vice president analyzes the economic and social situation, especially how the climate of the real economy will be in the GBA. One of the data that keeps you awake at night has to do with the real numbers of demand for food in the most popular neighborhoods and the numbers are alarming. In the suburbs, the sale of food and household products continues to fall.

According to the report circulating in the universe cristinistademand has recovered in the interior of the country, but in the AMBA keep going down. The investigation carried out by SCENTIA indicates that in the month of May the chains and self-service AMBAalthough there is a small rise in May compared to the same month of the previous year, the fall of 2021 has not yet been recovered.

And the recovery occurs at the country level but only in the interior, which is the one that suffered the most last year. The City of Buenos Aires and the suburban it falls again. The greatest weight of these numbers by population level comes from the Buenos Aires side of General Paz.

The photograph of the joint shows a GBA without purchasing power and with a growing malaise against politics. According to the report, consumption in large and small businesses rose 0.4% nationally in relation to May 2021, accumulating an annualized rise of 5%. Disaggregated this month, the 0.4% is made up of a 4.7% rise in the interior and in the AMBA a fall of 4.4%, a huge gap where food leads with 8.6%, clothing and household items 6.4%, and breakfast and snack products 5.4%.

The most striking is the average of self-services, where a 0.9% rise was registered at the national level, in the interior the rise was 7.8% and in the AMBA a sharp fall of 9.5%. The fear of the ruling party is that inflation will continue to mark this gap between the interior and the AMBA.

“People in the neighborhoods of the GBA are depriving themselves more and more of certain foods, the anger is great against us, that way you cannot win an election, that’s why the boss’s anger against Martín Guzmán”, comments a mayor of the second cordon of the GBA. A sad and very adverse scenario for any ruling party.

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