“Whoever brought Los Zetas was the group in power,” says Mejía Berdeja

Direct and clear. The Undersecretary of Public Security and Citizen Participation, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, said in an interview with El Siglo de Torreón that “the one who brought insecurity to Coahuila was Humberto Moreira… who brought the Zetas was the group that is in power.” .

Without fear of questions about his residence, he also said that he is from Coahuila by birth and in Torreón he did most of his studies.

Mejía Berdeja is one of the four candidates for Coordination of the Committees for the Defense of Transformation in the State of Coahuila and who represents the candidacy for the governorship. In addition there are Armando Guadiana, Luis Fernando Salazar and Reyes Flores.

The Undersecretary of Security in the Federal Government was unconcerned by the polls that position Senator Armando Guadiana as the best known within Morena for the upcoming electoral process, in addition to stating that he sees “a great desire for change in the people.”

In an interview for Lado B of Siglo TV, in El Siglo de Torreón, he pointed out about the aforementioned surveys, that “knowledge is different from good opinion, attributes.” “Simply, what he means is that people know your name, but that’s all.”

He declared that the people want there to be an alternation and a transformation of the state.

The undersecretary said that he perceives “a worn-out PRI, the people are no longer responding, the people want another option.” Therefore, he criticized the alliance that the tricolor party seeks to establish with Acción Nacional, pointing out that “an alliance of this type is not an arithmetic sum.”

And regarding the upcoming electoral process in Coahuila, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja insisted that he sees “a scenario that combines a great desire for change in the people, with a strong opposition movement and a PRI that will try to defend itself,” but I see, at the end of the day, that Coahuila is going to experience alternation and transformation”.

In this sense, and given the indications of division among the morenistas, the politician assured that “below I feel a great unity around President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.”


When asked about the manifest concern of different actors and sectors of society regarding the issue of security, Mejía Berdeja stated that “the one who brought insecurity was Humberto Moreira… who brought Los Zetas to Coahuila was the group that is in the can”.

Thus, he said that the current challenges are a closer police force and crime prevention, considering that “there is no adequate prevention policy” and that particularly regarding the consumption of glass in the region, although there is an increase in complaints and arrests. Due to drug dealing, “drugs continue to flow,” so “it seems there is tolerance” from local corporations.


Finally, regarding the voices that have criticized him for allegedly not having a residence in Torreón, Mejía Berdeja retorted that “it bothers them that there is competition, so they begin to invent things.”

“It is a partisan position, it is hate speech. I have as many rights as any Coahuilense to aspire” to the governorship, he said, accusing that “they have nothing to get and they are digging up the stones there.”

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