Where can you throw the batteries and batteries in Córdoba?

The Municipality of Córdoba reported that there are 50 points to take batteries and batteries out of use. This is because two agreements were signed that meant 21 new places in the “Get Out the Batteries” program, in charge of the Secretary of Environmental Management and Sustainability.

There are seven spaces in the HyH supermarket branches: Tablada 40 (Centro), San Martin 549 (Centro), Vélez Sarsfield 870 avenue (Güemes), Ovidio Lagos 253 (General Paz), Donosa avenue 3820 (Manantiales), Republic of China 1450 -La Rosella Complex- (Valle Escondido) and 4250 Valparaíso Avenue (South Texas I).

Fourteen other sites are located in Bus Terminal I (Avenida Presidente Perón 380).

A useful initiative for this type of waste

Since December 2021, the municipality has already collected 331,400 batteries that represent 1,523 kilos of these materials. This is waste that is reinserted into the Circular Economy circuit.

In Córdoba, the company SOLar is in charge of managing battery waste; as well as devices used in renewable energies at the end of their useful life.

The agreement with the municipality establishes the comprehensive management, reception, collection and transportation of these materials. The processing also implies the classification, treatment and recovery of value, recycling and final disposal of the resulting waste.

Places and times

The 50 collection points where neighbors can take this type of waste are:

-In the schedule from 9 to 13 the 14 CPC, the Municipal Palace, the Botanical Garden (Francisco Yunyent 5491), the Ente BioCórdoba (Rondeau 750), the CTR Rancagua (Rancagua avenue and Circunvalación), the School of Circular Economy (Road to Carbonada 8000).

-There is also the ULA (avenida del Piamonte S/N and Puente Turín), the Centro Verde Norte (boulevard Los Alemanes 3387), ECOFEM (Alem 1447) and the headquarters of the COyS Centro (Rosario de Santa Fe 236).

-You can also leave fuel cells and batteries during the opening hours of the following service stations: JPC OIL SRL (6350 La Voz del Interior avenue), 5075 Juan B. Justo avenue, YPF VESINM (8500 Dr. Arturo Capdevila avenue), Panoramic Point Station, Valle Escondido, (Avenida Ejército Argentino km 6.5), YPF (Avenida Colón 4272).

What items can be collected?

-Batteries and lithium batteries of all kinds and use.

-Batteries and batteries of all types and composition of materials (alkaline or rechargeable batteries, button, special, cell phones, etc.).

-Lead / acid batteries in their various applications.

-Batteries of common UPS and/or emergency lights of all types and uses.

-Energy support batteries for specific activities (mining, telecommunications, renewable energy, etc.) of all types of materials that comprise it.

-Cell phone batteries; of medical equipment; of hand tools; etc.

-Power Bank Batteries and Accumulators; of isolated dwellings; of electric vehicles; Renewable Energies; etc.

-Electrical and electronic waste

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