When is it and where to buy tickets

Seven years after their debut with “O Marineros”, the duo will present their most recent project at an unpublished show this July 10.

When is?

Everything new from the national band Marineros arrives at Sala Metronome this July 10. The pop duo invites us to navigate and explore new musical destinations in an unmissable show along with a preview of their latest album.

Also, On May 15 and 16, the band participated in the opening of the show of Louis Tomlinson, former member of One Direction; who personally chose them to kick off these shows.

At the beginning of this year, the band gave the second look at what this new album will be with “A Toda Velocidad”, this, after they presented the first theme in October 2021, “Roses”.

“This song was written with the perspective that time gives. It is an amulet to remember that you have to love uncertainty and surrender to destiny without clinging to illusions, but to oneself. We made it to detach ourselves from the fear of endings, because beginnings also arise from them”noted the artists.

Where to buy tickets?

After almost 7 years after his debut album, “O Marineros”, the group moves their fans to lose themselves in their melancholic and soft sounds, guided by the voice of Constanza “Cer” Espina and the guitar of Soledad Puente, produced in conjunction with Christian Heine.

Tickets for your show at Metronome Room this Sunday, July 10 at 6:00 p.m. are now available to be purchased at PointTicket and have a single value of $13,440 pesos. In addition, the show will be suitable for all ages

On this special night you will be able to discover, for the first time, the new sounds of the national indie pop band in an unmissable show. The new Marineros project will be previewed at the show, so it will be a unique occasion.

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