What is the most repeated surname in Salta and which in Argentina

A report carried out by the National Population Directorate – dependent on the Ministry of the Interior – revealed this Saturday which are the most popular surnames throughout the Argentine territory.

In Salta, the surname that is repeated the most is López, while at the national level the one that is repeated the most is González.

It was a survey carried out at the national level in order to analyze the distribution by provinces of the most repeated surnames in the current population of the country.

The document in which the data was released -called “Geographic distribution of surnames in Argentina”- reported the existence of 348,288 different family names and revealed the predominance of those of Spanish origin.

The source of information for its realization arose from the December 2021 records of the Renaper Database, where living people with ID and residents in Argentina are identified.

In this sense, it was detailed that 79% of citizens have the same surname as 500 or more other people, although the majority of surnames (69.9%) are carried by between 2 and 99 citizens, which represents 9 .43% of the population.

On the other hand, there are 73,363 surnames (20.5%) that have a single representative: this means that only 0.15% of the population has a single family name.

The top 10 of the most popular surnames

1- Gonzalez
2- Rodriguez
3- Gomez
4- Fernandez
5- Lopez
6- Martinez
7- Diaz
8- Perez
9- Sanchez
10- Rosemary

The most frequent surname in Argentina is González: it is the most popular at the national level and also in 50% of the jurisdictions. In addition, it is one of the most carried by immigrants, most of them from Paraguay.

He is followed by Rodríguez and Gómez, who occupy second and third place, respectively. The top 5 is completed with Fernández and López, who each represent a little more than 1% of the population at the national level.

The list of the 10 most popular -who are all of Spanish descent and represent 10.4% of the national population- continues with Martínez, Díaz, Pérez, Sánchez and Romero with figures of less than 1%, according to Clarín.

One of the big surprises is the absence in the Top 10 of García, who was always considered one of the most popular. Even with a remembered publicity in which there was a massive meeting between those who bear that last name and the González.

Taking into account the ranking in question, the absence of family names of Italian origin was striking: an immigration as significant as that of Spain, which contributed 2 million people between 1881 and 1914.

Santiago del Estero is the jurisdiction with the highest percentage of people who share their last name: in this province, eight out of 10 people from Santiago have a family name that is carried by 500 or more people.

This data is replicated in most of the Northwest and Northeast provinces of the country, where there is a greater repetition of surnames that may indicate the existence of larger families and which coincides with the high fertility rates in these areas in the last 20 years. .

The provinces of Patagonia, together with La Pampa, San Luis and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, are the ones with the highest percentages of unique surnames or with less than 10 bearers: unlike the north, in these places there was a considerable drop in fertility rates in recent decades.

Also, some of the provinces have popular surnames different from the ranking displayed at the national level: in Catamarca the most repeated is Carrizo; while in San Juan it is Castro; Mamani in Jujuy; and Lucero in San Luis.

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