What happens if you don’t activate Facebook Protect? This we know

Users in social networks have reported the blocking of their Facebook account for not activating Facebook Protect.

If in these last days you have tried to enter your Facebook account but you get a message with the following captions, don’t worry. Here we tell you what it is about:

“Activate Facebook Protect to access your account” or “You have x days left to activate Facebook Protect (…) If you don’t, you will lose access to your Facebook account until you activate it.”

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What is it and what happens if you don’t activate it?

Facebook Protect is the new requirement to use this social network. In fact, this program was incorporated into the application two years ago, during the elections in the United States.

Its objective was “to protect federal and state candidates, elected officials, departments and agencies” from theft of personal data or information that would violate their work.

If you have seen a blue check mark next to a username on Facebook, it is because it is an account verified by Facebook Protect.

Do I lose my account if I don’t activate it?

According to the security alert of this social network, Yes, it is necessary to verify your account to be able to access it. Otherwise, the messages will continue to appear.

What do I get when I activate it?

If you decide to activate Facebook Protect, you will have greater security in your information and your account will be protected from possible attacks or identity theft. It is a way that your profile is not vulnerable.

The vulnerability can be due to: 1) your password is not secure, so it will ask you to change it and 2) you do not have two-step authentication activated.

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How to activate Facebook Protect?

To activate it, it can be done in three ways: 1) through an authentication app, 2) by an SMS or 3) with a security key.

In this way, if someone tries to access your account from another device, for example, Facebook will send you a security alert and ask you to verify your identity in order to protect your information and personal data.

It is worth mentioning that not all users have received these messages when accessing their account.


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