What can you buy in Cuba with 100 pesos?

Several Cubans responded to the question “What can you buy in Cuba with 100 pesos?” and everyone agreed that very little can be obtained, because life is very expensive.

A pound of banana and an avocado; a soap or a pound of rice; a chocolate for 20 pesos and six cigarettes, were some of the response options of the citizens interviewed by the independent news portal Cubanet for your Youtube page.

The purchase combinations did not give much room to add products, just one or two fit on a list of food, drinks or toiletries that can be purchased with 100 pesos in the middle of one of the inflations highest in the world.

A pound of fondo (plantain in eastern Cuba) worth between 50 and 70 pesos and an avocado were the only products mentioned by an old man. “That is the nutrition I have to feed myself because I don’t have economic possibilities,” he stressed.

A pizza, a soft drink, a snack were repeated among the food products referred to by Cubans, the first on the list.

“Life is very expensive, money has already lost its value,” said a young man questioned, while an old man assured that with 100 pesos you can no longer buy anything.

According to one man, the dictatorship has made everything “very expensive”: a pound of meat is worth more than 300 pesos, a pound of beans is worth more than two pesos. “Everything is very expensive.”

“I don’t buy anything with 100 pesos because life is very expensive. I buy a pizza for 50 pesos and five cigarettes. What they are sending me to steal and I don’t steal”, exclaimed another who assured that the money is not enough.

Most of those interviewed by Cubanet they appeared to be older adults, who survive, perhaps, only with a tiny pension.

In the social networks It has also been verified how little can be obtained with that amount: a donkey banana hand has that value.

Capture of Facebook / Pedro Luis García

While the prices skyrocket and life becomes more expensive, salaries and pensions in Cuba reach less and less to guarantee decent food.

The Cuban government set the minimum wage in 2,100 Cuban pesos (CUP), while pensions will range between 1,528 and 1,733 CUP, according to a resolution of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) published in the Official Gazette.

The process was carried out at the worst moment, in the midst of the pandemic and a strong economic crisis, without taking into account the low national production of goods and services and the dependence on the external market for the supply of basic products.

The Minister of Labor of Cuba, Marta Elena Feito Cabrerarecognized that these incomes are insufficient, not only the salary, but also pensions and social assistance benefits, because the salary has lost purchasing power, he admitted.

Feitó Cabrera recalled that the salary was theoretically expected to increase five times, but that the reality has been quite different.

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