“We live moments of terror”: truck runs out of brakes and runs over several vehicles, including a PNC motorcycle with two agents

Two agents of the National Civil Police (PNC) were run over and two vehicles were damaged after a gas delivery truck runs out of brakes.

The incident occurred this Saturday, May 14, in the 1st avenue, zone 1 of Mazatenango.

The agents were traveling on a motorcycle when They were rammed by the heavy vehicle.

The police officers were identified as Jery Simón Reyes and Alex Gregorio Chuc, and were sent to the local Social Security for medical attention.

According to reports, the driver of the truck was arrested and made available to the competent court.

Multiple vehicles damaged

Witnesses at the scene said that the gas vehicle was traveling from north to south, when upon reaching the roundabout it collided first against a white pick-up vehicle.

Upon impact, it collided with another gray pickaxe and against the agents’ motorcycle.

Fortunately, the affected pilots and agents They sustained only minor injuries.

Some neighbors said they experienced moments of terror when they realized that the heavy vehicle ran out of brakes.

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They said that still gave them time to get out of the way and they helped others in a matter of seconds so that they were not run over.

Although the accident occurred during rush hour, No serious injuries or deaths are reported.

The PNC motorcycle was destroyed. (Free Press Photo: Marvin Túnchez)
(Another affected vehicle: (Free Press Photo: Marvin Túnchez)

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