“We cannot be with blackouts,” warns the mayor of Torreón and confirms meeting with CFE

It will be next Monday when the mayor of Torreón, Román Alberto Cepeda, will meet with representatives of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) at the regional and national levelssame with whom he will address the issue of the constant blackouts that have been recorded in recent weeks, which in turn lead to damage to Simas Torreón pumps and aggravate the problem of shortages in all sectors.

It was during yesterday Friday that the municipal authorities reported that around 30 pumps were out of service due to these blackouts by the CFEwhich forced an emergency operation to reactivate equipment, as well as a review of electrical elements to verify if they had been damaged due to a drop in voltage.

As a consequence, pressure drops were generated in a large part of the Torreón neighborhoods, Therefore, the meeting with CFE will seek to define mechanisms to prevent new blackouts.as well as immediate attention in case it occurs, so that the population is no longer affected by the lack of water supply from the pumps.

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San Joaquín, Victoria, and Tanque Nazas neighborhoods are without water service

“On Monday I meet with them (CFE), that’s right, it has been a topic that I had already discussed since Thursday, there is a great coordination with them, but it is also important to know that we cannot be with blackouts, we have to see how we solve it togetheryesterday (Friday) with these blackouts there were 20 pumps that were affected, 20 pumps we are talking about 20 percent of the system, of what supplies the water system, that is, it is not a minor issue, the day yesterday 20 and that, well, the citizenry is also forced to know the cause… We have weeks that, due to the blackouts, a pump, two pumps are downloaded, yesterday there were 20 pumps”.

Cepeda pointed out that, in addition, reactivating a bomb does not only imply “raising a switch”, but voids are generated in the pipes, check wiring and starting mechanismssituations that will be made clear to the CFE representatives during next Monday’s meeting.

Mayor of Torreón rejects lack of attention due to water scarcity

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‘All complaints received due to lack of water are addressed’, assures Román Cepeda

For his part, Simas Torreón reported that, until this Saturday morning, Most of the pumps that were out of service with the blackouts on Friday were already being reactivatedamong which number 1, 4, 23R, 88, 56, 64, 62R, 40, 75, 75R, 76, among others, were mentioned.

In any case, the authorities ask citizens to report the sectors in which shortages prevail as such, so that the corresponding reviews can be carried out, as well as the delivery of water through pipes; For the above, the telephone number 690-95-95 has been made available, which corresponds to the organization’s Call Center.

It should be remembered that the low pressure and shortage of drinking water have been recorded practically since last March, through protests, complaints to the media and on social networkscalls have been made to the authority to improve the supply of drinking water in almost all sectors.

They claim for lack of water and low pressure in Torreón

MORE INFORMATION They claim for lack of water and low pressure in Torreón

Yesterday residents of the Roma de Torreón neighborhood demonstrated

They have highlighted areas of the West and the downtown area of ​​the city, which directly affects commercial activity and those who live there.

Similarly, it has been reported that the delivery of 5 new wells out of a total of 8 that will be drilled by the end of this year is in processactions that involve an investment of more than 120 million pesos by the authority itself.

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