“We are fed up”: tired of the pickets, they got out and beat the protesters out

A group of motorists forcibly ejected demonstrators who were blocking a highway. It happened in Rome, Italy, during an environmental protest, and was recorded through a video recorded by a witness.

According to local media reports, five members of the Extinction Rebellion group stood Thursday morning on the asphalt of the “Grande Raccordo Anulare”, the highway that surrounds the Città Eterna to protest the use of gas and coal.

Four young people sat down, trying to cover the width of the road, while a fifth filmed the situation with a phone. It took only a few seconds for his action to generate a long line of cars, which began to sound their horns as a sign of complaint and yell at them to leave.

The activists, however, stood firm, so some people decided to get out of their vehicles to throw them out by force. In the video that was released, you can see how two men and two women ripped off the flag they were carrying and began to drag them towards the shoulder area.

“Do not use violence,” a protester asked them. “We are tired. You have the right to protest, but I have to go to work to feed my children, ”a man replied, as he moved them.

While some cars took the opportunity to move forward, an activist tried to crawl back to the center of the road, so the man grabbed her by the hair and ran her to the side again.

After the protesters sat down again, a truck driver got out of his vehicle, moved one of them and went through a free space. The tension continued to increase, to the point that a car slowly advanced on one of the young women, demanding that she run.

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