Wanda Nara and María Becerra joined forces against China Suárez via social networks

A common enemy can generate alliances and even the crystallization of a bond of complicity and trust. A mutual objective that channels efforts, because they went through very similar emotions driven by that third person.

Wanda Nara and Maria Becerra They do not seem to have many points of contact, even for the simple fact that they live thousands of kilometers away and when the singer exploded into visibility, the influencer had already lived in Europe a long time ago. As well as the generation gap.

However, the two famous ones have a nemesis that magnetizes them, that makes them related and nothing more and nothing less than the China Suarez. Of course, for Wanda she will always be the woman who destabilized her marriage, the lady who got tangled up between the sheets with her husband and who shook all of her reality.

In the case of Becerra, the plot does not have such gravitation, but it also stands as someone who entered the dynamics of a love, because he plunged into the arms of rushing. María lived with the singer, she walked hand in hand along the path of life for years and a few weeks after separating from her, she already hooked up with Suárez.

There is the coincidence of Wanda and Becerra, who in the last few hours showed the world a good vibe. What happened? turns out María posted on her Instagram a video of Icardi’s wife in which she shows off her figurewhich is musicalized with a theme of his and wrote a praise: “whatue?”, along with a fire emoji.

Quickly, Nara responded with good vibes and published: “Argentine girl, say it Maria“. An explosive feedback, which quickly became a trend and that many interpreted as a palazo for China Suárez.

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