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The electoral organization carried out the draw from May 2 to 9 and this Thursday revealed the names of the Colombians who must appear at the polls for this position.

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If you want to make the consultation from your cell phone, you can download the InfoVotantes application, and select the option ‘Check if you are a voting jury’. There, you must enter your data and the system will show you the information. You can also do it in this link.

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Remember that the voting jurors for this day are different from those that participated in the legislative elections on March 13. The Registrar’s Office reported that around 30,000 jurors who made up the tables in which irregularities were reported were excluded.

If you are selected as a voting jury you must attend a series of trainings. The notifications sent by the Registrar’s Office, through email, will indicate the place, date and time in which each citizen must appear to receive face-to-face training of the functions.

In case of not receiving the notification, the electoral entity requests to contact the departmental delegation or capital district or, failing that, verify the information on the website of the Registrar’s Office. Failure to be notified is not a valid excuse for not attending Election Day.

If you cannot attend, remember that this is an obligation and that The Registry has indicated that only citizens who present any of the following causes may be exonerated:

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You can review the lists published by the mayors.


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– Serious illness of the jury or their spouse, father, mother or child. With medical or hospital certification under the gravity of oath.

– Death of the jury or of their spouse, father, mother or son occurring on the day of the elections or within the three days prior to the election.

– Have registered and vote in a different municipality.

In addition, if you live abroad and were chosen as a voting jury, you should go to the nearest Colombian consulate and request that a residence certificate be issued and send a communication to the Municipal Registrar, where you were selected to provide the service, attaching the certification of the consulate, to be exonerated from the service.

Remember that If you do not attend election day you may be sanctioned. If you are a public official, you will be dismissed. If he is not, he will receive a fine that can reach up to 10 current legal minimum wages.

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