Vlado Mirosevic, spokesman for Approval: "We will make efforts in communities such as Maipú, La Florida, Puente Alto and Renca"

The deputy for the Liberal Party, Vlado Mirosevićstressed that They will put emphasis on the campaign for the Approval in the communes of Maipú, La Florida, Puente Alto and Renca.

This day it was revealed that the campaign for the Rejection of Chile Vamos and the Republican Party will concentrate its forces in Puente Alto, Maipú, La Pintana or La Florida, which are communes where the Approval had higher percentages in the entry plebiscite, according to what was recorded Third.

In this line, the campaign “Two Million Doors for Approval“, one of the AprueboxChile campaigns, moved to Maipú, and today Mirosevic and the mayor Thomas Vodanovićin addition to social organizations and political parties, carried out a deployment “Umbrella for Approval”.

“We are going to put a lot of effort into communities like Maipú, La Florida, Puente Alto, Renca; we need to go out and explain the text because Chilean families have to have reliable information“, said the liberal parliamentarian.

Meanwhile, in Ñuñoa, mayors and deputies signed the agreement “I approve a Chile without corruption”in support of article 170 of the new Constitution, in an activity that took place in the Gymnasium of the Cultural Corporation of said commune, although they clarified that it was leased.

Regarding what was signed, the deputy Catherine Perez (RD) indicated that “today the 1980 Constitution is a wall that protects corruption in Chilewhich does not allow us to fight corruption, versus the new Constitution that establishes a clear mandate to be carried out by the legislator, by public officials, as well as an opportunity for oversight for neighbors, to fight against the corruption that has done so much damage not only to democracy, to the credibility of the institutions, but also to the access to rights of the citizens of this country”.

The different authorities signed the “I approve a Chile without corruption” (Photo: ATON)


Finally, the deputy Karol Cariola (PC) participated in the territorial deployment of “Umbrellas for Approval” and reached the city of Concepciónin the Biobío Region, being the starting point of the tour through different regions of the country, within the framework of the “Two Million Doors for Approval” campaign.

On the questioned role of the Government in the next elections, the spokeswoman for the Approval said that “informing is not intervening, play a role regarding the need to implement the new Constitution in case the Approval option wins. President Boric spoke out a few weeks ago and said ‘if the Rejection wins, we are going to open a new constituent process’. Okay, but if the Approval wins, what? If the Approval wins, today there are political forces that are discussing what would be the elements of implementation“.

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