Viral challenge: What are the three different drinks from the rest? Only 2% managed to solve it

The viral challenges are trending in social networks. In recent days, a visual challenge in which You must find in less than 10 seconds the three glasses that are empty in the image. To overcome it, you have to sharpen your eyes to see every detail in the illustration.

The viral challenges They are increasingly popular on the networks. Thousands of users are interested in these visual puzzles to compete against friends or family. Likewise, there are many who are only interested in being able to exercise their visual and mental agility.

This kind of cognitive games have different themes and difficulties. Some challenges where they must find an object or several of them, an animal or simply see if there is an error in a certain illustration. They also differ by the difficulty with which they were designed.

In the viral challenge, it must be detected in which place of the illustration the cups that are intensely sought are hidden. The vast majority of people considered this challenge an easy task, but few managed to overcome it.

Time will play a determining role in terms of difficulty. In this case, it was established that the visual challenge must be solved in just 10 seconds, something that complicated many users, who still cannot understand how they did not see it before. Are you ready?

Image of the challenge

In the next viral challenge, you must find the three empty glasses in the illustration in 10 seconds (Televisa News Image).

East visual riddle consists of power locate the place where the cups that are different from the others in the illustration are camouflaged. At first glance you can see that there are many of them with different drinks. But there are some that have nothing and you will have to pay close attention to the details to detect them.

To find the cups you have to be perceptive and bring out your visual and mental agility to the maximum. It is important to see every detail of the image, which was designed by Noticieros Televisa, so as not to fall into the trap of optical illusion, which led many users to waste time necessary to locate the main goal.

In addition, to be focused on the viral challenge, you must not lose track of the time with which you have to solve it because they are only 10 secondswhich meant a real complication for those who did not manage to overcome it.

challenge solution

Could you find the cups that are different from the others in the illustration? Was it easy? If you are in this part of the note, it is because you want to know if you actually managed to solve the viral challenge correctly.

If you found the three glasses that are empty in the image, congratulations! This viral riddle represented a good test for users of social networks. In fact, 98% of people could not pass this challenge in the set time.

Finally, if you did not find the main objective, do not be discouraged. In the image below you can discover where it was. In the future there will be new viral challenges where you can have revenge and test your cognitive abilities.

In this illustration you can find the three cups that are sought in the viral challenge (Televisa News Image).

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