VIDEO: Police rescue a 5-year-old girl trapped in a water tank

STATE OF MEXICO.- A video was broadcast through social networks showing police officers from the municipality of Chalco, Mexico rescuing a 5-year-old girl, who was trapped inside a water tank.

The events occurred in the community of Santa Cruz Amalinalco last Wednesday, where the minor was inside a water tank in the patio of her house, a situation reported by her neighbors.

The little girl’s inconsolable crying reached the ears of the neighborswho chose to call the city police officers out of concern.


The video shows the agents entering the home, where they turn over a white water tank.

One of the policemen rescued the minor, who would have been abandoned by her parents when they left homeaccording to local media.

“My parents?”were the words between tears of the little girl to be saved and not see her parents, which generated annoyance among the neighbors.

The police officers took the minor to the Children’s Attorney’s Office in the Chalco DIFwhere he was kept under guard until his parents come to clarify what happened, while in networks, they criticize the actions.

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