Video: a student insulted and almost hit a teacher who tried to stop her from using her cell phone in class

A new case of violence towards a teacher was known in the last few hours. In this case, a teacher at a secondary school in the province of Córdoba, was the victim of the violent reaction of a student when he tried to take away the cell phone he used during his class. Another student in the course filmed the situation and shared the video on social media.

The incident occurred at the Ipet 132 Paravachasca public school, in the Sabatini neighborhood, in the city of Alta Gracia, Cordoba. It all started after the teacher realized that one of her students was using her phone while she was teaching her class.

In the clip, you can see the teacher in front of the young man asking him to give her his cell phone, which he had previously used. However, the student refuses to receive this punishment and after that There is a heated argument between the two..

At that moment, the teacher is observed struggling with the student in order to take the cell phone from him, but she cannot get it out. After that, the young man gets up effusively from his chair and decides to confront the teacher with insults. “Did we end badly?”the teacher asked the minor, who replied: “What are you doing, you ridiculous old woman?”.

After those words of the boy, the other students who were in the classroom began to shout elated by the situation. There were even students who told their partner to physically attack the teacher. “Hit him, hit him”one of the students was heard to say.

After the struggle, the woman managed to remove the headphones from the student, who immediately he came face to face with her and insulted her again. “You’re going to break my cell phone, old cho..”, the student yelled at the teacher, who only managed to reply: “You are rude”. After this, the young man went to sit in his chair again.

The video went viral on social networks in the last few hours and generated great outrage among users. Meanwhile, the director of the institution, Maria Jose Sanchez, spoke with the media Summary of the Region, and confirmed that they have not made any determination in this regard so far. “We are addressing the issue, for now we are not going to give statements until the measures become effective”, said the director.

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