Vehicle restriction | Who is restricted this Thursday June 23

Vehicle restriction is a measure of the Ministry of Environment which aims to relieve traffic on the streets and thus avoid contributing to environmental pollution by the emission of harmful gases left by cars.

The restriction applies to the entire inner perimeter of the Americo Vespucio Ring for cars without a green seal and for catalytic vehicles registered until September 2011.

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications has sought different measures to manage the critical environmental episodes that can develop in the Metropolitan region and for several weeks this measure has been implemented.

This decontamination measure only works Monday to Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.; therefore, this measure does not apply on weekends.

They are free from the vehicular restriction health vehicles, security and order forces, municipal services, school transport, firefighters, public transport and electric cars.

It is important to remember that the contempt of the restriction can be subject to fines, which vary between $50 thousand up to $86 thousand.

Next, we tell you which cars are restricted in Santiago this Thursday.

Who is restricted this Thursday, June 23?

They have restriction:

  • All catalytic vehicles with patent completed in: 6-7
  • Any non-catalytic vehicle with a patent completed in: 2-3-4-5
Vehicular restriction

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