Valentina was discharged: she had suffered burns from a school experiment

At the beginning of September of this year, at the Cristo Rey school, a school experiment ended in tragedy after several sixth-year students suffered burns and were transferred to the Instituto del Quemado.

Among them was Valentina, the young woman who had been affected the most. Upon entering the hospital, she presented 15 percent of her body burned and she must have been on respiratory assistance.

This Thursday, November 24, after 78 days, the nightmare ended and Valentina was able to return home. Her father, Daniel, said in a dialogue with Channel 10 that everything is finally over but that the fight continues “and we are here to accompany her.”

“Came the day. We’re. We want to accompany her and we want to be with her. She wants to see her things, her room. She wants to be in her house, in her room. She is very happy. She is excited to leave, ”said the young woman’s father.

After 78 days, Valentina was discharged after the accidental school experiment

In addition, he thanked the staff of the Instituto del Quemado and said that what they do is wonderful. “They saved his life,” she noted.

For her part, in dialogue with the press, Valentina said: “I was not going to give up, I was not going to let myself win. I’m out. Alive, with my family. The ones I love the most in this world. I want to continue studying, continue doing my things. In my time now, I have to take care of myself. But I’m going to do it. Nothing prevents me from continuing.”

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