US Coast Guard detains two Cuban rafters

The US Coast Guard (USCG) prevented this Thursday that two Cuban boats will make landfall on the coast of Florida, the entity reported on Twitter.

According to a post on the platform microbloggingthe crews of the Islamorada station prevented the illegal landing of the rafters, no injuries were reported in these actions.

In the posted images you can see that the boats were rustic and two large groups of migrants traveled in them.

In a previous post this Thursday, the USCG warned that had intensified the patrol in “the Straits of Florida and the Windward and Mona Passages to deter illegal maritime migration,” said Lt. Travis PoulosCoast Guard District Seven.

The arrests are part of the context of the current Cuban migration crisis: this afternoon the Border Patrol (USBP) responded to a third landing of Cubans in Florida Keys, which will be prosecuted in accordance with the law. Instead, those detained at sea are repatriated to the island immediately, Poulos said.

Also in the morning, the USBP attended two other landings of migrants that left a total of 36 Cubans detained on the morning of Thanksgiving Day.

Furthermore, at noon they were 65 rafters repatriated intercepted in US waters since Friday.

Since October 1, 2022, USCG crews have captured 2,243 Cubans at sea. Less than two months after the start of this fiscal year on October 1, rafters have already been detained, representing more than a third of the number of migrants detained in the entire previous fiscal period: 6,182 Cuban migrants.

The growing number of rafters who arrive on the Florida coast without incident shows the most hopeful side of the immigration crisis. However, not all dangerous sea voyages to the US end in the same way.

The USCG reported Wednesday the suspension of search for possible survivors from a shipwreck recorded last Saturday about 50 miles from Little Torch Key.

The official note specified that on Saturday, November 19 at around 9:30 am (local time) a witness alerted the watchmen of the Key West Coast Guard Sector of the shipwreck, who rescued a person in the water. This survivor said that he left Playa de Jaimanitas, in Havana, on November 13, together with a large group of people, but he specified that the boat capsized and that only he came out alive.

He was picked up by another group of 18 Cubans, many of whom were wearing life jackets, but that homemade boat capsized as well, saving only a few rafters. The bodies found were taken to the coroner’s office.

The US authorities have insisted for months on the serious dangers of jumping into the sea to cross the Straits of Florida, but this has not managed to stop the exodus of Cubans by sea.

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