Unions threaten to rest national strike notice starting June 2

Will the French be able to turn on their light and cook their feet? The unions of electricity and gas employees, meeting on Friday in interfederal, decided to file a “joint strike notice with a call to strike from June 2”. The CFE-Energiesthe CFDT Chimie-Energie, the FNEM-FO and the FNME-CGT are asking for a revaluation of the salary scale taking inflation into account.

“Our goal is not to impact users,” assured Fabrice Coudour, Federal Secretary of the FNME-CGTwho hopes that before this date, employers will return “to a certain lucidity”.

A grid revalued at 0.3%, against inflation at 4.8%

In a meeting on Thursday with representatives of groups in the sector, “the management (of the branch, which includes representatives of the French Union of Electricity or UFE and the National Union of Gas Industries or Unemig) completely kicked in touch”, on the question of wages.

“We are asking for a revaluation of the basic national salary grid so that employees in the IEG (electricity and gas industries) branch do not lose purchasing power, especially since the first levels of remuneration have gone down. below the Smic”, indicated Amélie Henri, national secretary CFE-Unsa energies for EDF. “We had an increase at the beginning of the year of 0.3% of this grid, which does not compensate for inflation”, she added, when inflation reached 4.8% over one year in April, INSEE said on Friday.

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