U-17 warriors go for a ticket to the semifinals

Today starts the historic league in the Women’s Sub-17. The Guerreritas, who were classified as first in their sector, will receive the UNAM Pumas at 10:00 a.m.

By belonging to different sectors, there was no precedent during the contest. The albiverdes had a record of 8 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses, with 33 goals for and 20 against. Of those scored, 12 were from their scorer Paulina Pena.

“We will face Pumas as calmly and serenely as possible, in the same way that we have worked and played throughout the tournament; I think that this will be enough to advance to the next round” Peña said prior to the duel against the university students, who finished fourth in the other group.

And it is that she highlighted the effort shown by all her companions, which today has them playing their first league “The truth is that this semester has been a dream for me, because I started with the U-17s, but one of my goals was to reach the First Division, so I focused on working with my category, and later on I had the opportunity to be with the first women’s team.

She confessed to feeling proud of herself, due to the effort and commitment she has in her person, since beyond not being in several games due to injury and others due to being with the first team, I feel that it was a very great achievement.

“I didn’t keep the scoring title, but I feel very proud of what I achieved throughout the tournament” and she talked about her debut in the Liga MX Femenil “It was something I didn’t expect, because it was a difficult game for the first team. When Professor Jorge Campos spoke to me, I felt very nervous, so what I had to do was show the work and effort”.

On the other hand, Claudia Ríos, the albiverde coach, assured that her coaches are ready to seek the pass to the prelude to the grand final.

“I think we had a good tournament, in which we fulfilled our first goal, which is to reach the league, something we set for ourselves from the start. We are committed and we want to continue doing well in the league, first thinking about the quarter-final game. final”.

He announced that it will be a competitive match against the capital women, but they are ready to face it and take the next step, with the firm idea of ​​advancing to the semifinals, making it clear that it will be an advantage to play in the TSM.

“It does have an influence and without a doubt being at home makes us stronger. It helps the players a lot to be close to their family, to be around them” he explained.

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