Two little brothers died charred when their house caught fire: the boys’ mother had gone to a birthday

Two little brothers – a five-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl – were burned to death when the house in which they lived caught fire, in a tragic event that occurred today in the Buenos Aires town of San Alberto, in the Ituzaingó district. At the time the flames started, both children were alone inside the building. It is claimed that the children’s mother had left her home to attend a birthday party, which was being held in another house in the neighborhood.

The spokesmen of the judicial department of Morón revealed to that the victims of the incident were a five-year-old minor and his two-year-old sister, who lived in a farm in precarious conditions located in Comandante Peredo at 2100, almost at the intersection with Intendente Pérez Quintana, in the aforementioned district, in the west of the provincial suburbs.

According to what was stated by the informants, it is believed that the fire would have started as a result of an electrical fault in the building. It transpired that, at the time the flames started, both boys were alone in the house, because apparently their 26-year-old mother had left the house to go to another house located a few meters away, where a birthday party was being held. . Upon entering the scene of the fire, the uniformed officers found the charred bodies of the children.

Public servants assigned to the San Alberto police station (4ª de Ituzaingó) are in charge of investigating the episode; while the members of the Morón Delegation of the Scientific Police carried out different skills at the scene of the death of the minors.

For legal reasons, we will not disclose the filiation data of the people involved in the episode.

Preventively, the criminal file was titled “Investigation of causes of death”with the intervention of Functional Unit No. 2 of Ituzaingó, dependent on the courts of Morón.

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