Totally drunk, he barricaded himself in the truck and ended up in a police station

The police arrested in the last hours a subject who, totally drunk, barricaded himself in his truck to avoid being kidnapped. His name is Mauro Daniel Piangatelli and he is 42 years old.

As indicated, everything began shortly before 3 am, when traffic officers were conducting a routine control operation on Alem and Florida avenues. There, at the command of a Hyundai Tucson, the man had to blow the pipette and gave a resounding result.

The first measurement showed that the driver had 2.03 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, while at the time of the second test he refused, locked himself in the passenger compartment and began to threaten the troops present, saying that he was a lawyer –he is actually a merchant-.

A few hours passed, several, and already around 7 o’clock the uniformed men took advantage of Piangatelli’s oversight and were able to open one of the doors. They tied him up and took him off the road, in order to transfer him to the Seventh section. He is accused of the crime of disobedience.

In addition, the Tucson ended up in the municipal yard and the owner’s license was retained.

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