Tom Hanks was furious and insulted fans for pushing his wife

Tom Hanks He has always been characterized by his kindness and predisposition to serve his fans. However, last Wednesday the actor lost his patience and exploded against a group of fans who almost knocked down Rita Wilsonhis wife, as they both tried to get to their car parked on a busy New York City avenue.

In the video shared by the American media TMZ The 65-year-old actor is seen enraged after a man tripped over his wife, who lost her balance and was about to fall.

As seen in the images, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were leaving a restaurant and heading to their truck when a crowd approached the actor to ask for autographs and photos.

The actor did not stop and kept walking, as did his wife, who was a few steps ahead of him. Seconds later, a man in dark glasses and a black shirt pushes the actress, who screams and asks them to stop following them.

Tom Hanks exploded against crowd

At that moment Tom Hanks turns around very upset and puts his hands on the man’s chest and yells at his fans to stop: “This is my wife, back off, shit *!” Exclaims the Oscar winner.

In the video, the actor appears to slightly push back the fan who was closest to his wife and is heard saying, “Knock down my wife?”

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson | Getty Images

The fans were stunned by the irascible reaction of the protagonist of tapes like Castaway and Forrest Gump, even one of them is heard offering an apology for what happened. Exasperated, the actor leaves and gets into his car.

It is worth mentioning that Tom Hanks will premiere the film on June 24 Elvisdirected by Baz Luhrmann and in which he plays Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s manager.

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