To educate is to transcend

In Mexico, Teacher’s Day is commemorated on May 15, however, this celebration makes more sense in this context of a pandemic where, due to the sanitary measures that led to social confinement, education had to adapt rapidly to the model of online education. This confronted teachers with great challenges, but also contributed to a social revaluation of the importance of teaching.

From home it was possible to observe that the role of teachers goes far beyond a simple process of information transfer, the work of teachers involves, in addition to sharing knowledge, seeking the appropriate strategies so that each student has an optimal learning process, designing functional and attractive materials, as well as helping to develop critical thinking, This ability is essential in a world where students have immediate access to all kinds of information.

In addition, teachers train and accompany, that is why their work is essential for society, since they contribute to the training in values ​​and skills of their future members. Many of the people remember their teachers not for the knowledge they transmitted to them, but for the motivation they gave them, for the support they received from them or because they inspired them to perform professionally in what they do today.

Esmeralda Martinez Becerra


The importance of teacher’s day

It is important to give the recognition that people who have worked their vocation deserve to help those who begin their journey in search of achieving their goals and following their dreams. Teachers are and have been for many an example and a support, they are an important part to fulfill dreams with their vocation and affection with which they carry out their profession, it is worth recognizing this work, thank you very much for contributing to the future of many people, happy day.

Dara Bigvai, sea ​​inside volunteer

Constant discoveries, unimaginable changes and new realities are part of the daily life of teachers, who in their workload include beyond what we can perceive, regardless of economic remuneration, facing technological, health and inequality challenges. social, generating responses to uncertainty. For them and them, who guide us on the path of teaching, commemorate their dedication and commitment in one day, make this important date to celebrate and reflect on the value of educating.

Sara Maria Gomez Cossio, Sea Inside participant

“The master leaves a mark for eternity; you can never know when his influence stops”
Henry Adams.


Listen live to social leaders share, in an interview, some of their experiences

“Vocation, basis of teaching”


meters Juan Manual Quezada, Jose Juan Dominguez, and Jorge Hernandez

Teachers have been and are a fundamental part of educational systems, their role has changed over the years, according to the needs and demands of the environment. The image of the teacher who only shared knowledge is becoming more and more distant, and its importance lies in the fact that many of them are the trainers of the young people who are building a future.

On this occasion we interviewed 3 great teachers, José Juan Domínguez, Jorge Hernández Velázquez and Juan Manuel Quezada, each working in a different sector, but they have something clear and common, vocation is the great engine of teaching.

Jorge Hernández has dedicated himself to teaching classes at the university level, but before being a teacher, he considers himself a person who lives to serve, has been in different spaces and has always been motivated to help others, but not only that, but he feels lucky, since through teaching he has found a way to return much that has been given to him.

On the other hand, seeking harmony in all aspects has been a pillar in the life of Juan Manuel Quezada, who defines himself as a hard-working person who likes to collaborate, “Harmony is the basis of human relationships and to create harmonious circles, much knowledge is needed, from the origin of the person, the environment and the context in which we find ourselves, to start from there and seek the common good” .

Undoubtedly, José Juan Domínguez enjoys life to the fullest and it is precisely on this path of construction that he defines himself as an unfinished individual, with a high degree of curiosity and who seeks to continue learning.

Each one has faced different obstacles, but those moments are what prompted them to continue on this path, as José Juan rightly mentioned, once they start teaching, it is something that you cannot stop doing.

Juan Manuel has dedicated himself to teaching in the public sector and recognizes that despite contexts of social inequality are a great challenge, that passion to continue transmitting and training youth is what makes a great difference to many fellow teachers.

From a very young age, Jorge began to teach, and without a doubt that marked him, as many doubted his ability due to his age, however, that only motivated him to continue and today he understands that, within a classroom, not only the teacher is the one who provides and facilitates knowledge, but every day his students can teach him things that he did not know before and seek that sensitivity to the problems that his students experience.

José Juan came to the world of teaching out of necessity, but today he continues out of conviction and for him there is no greater satisfaction than seeing young people defend their ideals, that is where everything makes sense. From private education, where he works, he understands that the sense of adaptation has been his main tool and understands that, if he does not manage to get on the new ways of sharing knowledge, his work as a teacher will remain truncates

Within the framework of Teachers’ Day, we recognize the great work that many teachers do every day for contributing not only the knowledge, but also the values ​​necessary for the training of future generations. Their work is not at all easy because every day they are in constant preparation and updating, from a theoretical point of view, but also attached to reality.

Message join the Sea Inside

“It is necessary to solve problems, but from the field of effort to knowledge and knowledge is required to contrast ideas and debate is the way forward to build young people with critical thinking, who contribute solutions to society.”

John Manuel Q.

“The decision to take the debate as a tool for growth, to have an open mind of positions in favor, against, is an incredible decision, value, do not abandon and continue deepening.”

George H.

“Values ​​are human constructions and they need to be polished and adapted so that they are better and better, and dialogue and debate help us to do so and to imagine better ways of building community.”

Joseph John D.


Success stories that transcend

“Chemistry for education”

Jose Mario Molina Pasquel y Henriquez

Better known as Mario Molina, he was a chemical engineer graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1965); he subsequently did graduate studies at the University of Freiburg, Germany (1967) and received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, in the United States (1972).

He is a pioneer and one of the world’s leading researchers in atmospheric chemistry. He co-authored, along with FS Rowland in 1974, the original paper predicting the thinning of the ozone layer as a consequence of the emission of certain industrial gases, the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which earned them the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Likewise, his research and publications on the subject led to the Montreal Protocol of the United Nations, the first international treaty that has effectively faced an environmental problem on a global scale and of anthropogenic origin.

He was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the period 1989-2004; professor and researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico between 1967 and 1968; from the University of California, Irvine, between 1975 and 1979 and from the California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory (CALTECH) from 1982 to 1989.

Dr. Molina died on October 07, 2020. He left as an exemplary Mexican who dedicated his life to researching and working to protect our environment. In addition to motivating and filling his students with knowledge to build greater individual and collective development.

10 positive notes

  1. They perform the first kidney transplant with robotic surgery
  2. Official: Jalisco will stop wearing face masks.
  3. They triple economic support for private childcare centers in Guadalajara.
  4. Drought decreases in Jalisco due to April rains.
  5. The UAVI in Zapopan turns 10 years old; protects more than 21 thousand women.
  6. Open call to support women entrepreneurs in Jalisco.
  7. The Zapopan Comprehensive Animal Health Center is opened.
  8. Astros de Jalisco Femenil debuts at home with victory over Panteras
  9. They promote the Pitaya Fair in Zapopan.
  10. Chivas Femenil is in the Semifinals after eliminating Pumas.

sea ​​inside proposes

To read

“Letters to those who pretend to teach” by Paulo Freire, talks about the most delicate aspects of educational practice, against the taboos that end up producing weak teachers.

To know

Among the innovations that will be applied: Improve teaching practices and professionalize the work of the teacher with a system of professional development based on merit.

To know

The educational event: Symposium “Education and family”. It will take place on May 18, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. In the Aula Magna of the university city UAG.


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