To buy and travel in a safer way

This service, together with assistance plans such as the Distelsa Gold extended warranty, are a concrete example of Max’s commitment to provide solid customer support and a memorable experience.

Coverage lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase and a wide variety of products can be included within the protection program. In addition, it offers a very interesting offer of assistance and insurance for travelers through the innovative Max Travel Agency.

Martín Prera, Marketing Director of Grupo Distelsa Free Press Photo: Gabriela Santisteban

“At Max we work every day to offer our customers innovative products, experiences and services. We are excited to offer the Distelsa Protection program among our portfolio of services, as we know that it is in line with our purpose of offering services that improve people’s lives and create memorable moments,” said Martín Prera, Marketing Director of Grupo Distelsa.

Distelsa Protection has very competitive rates in insurance and assistance programs for home and travelers. Applies to all categories of products in Max, from televisions, appliances, appliances, computers, cell phones and electronics.

“With Distelsa Protection our clients have the opportunity to protect their purchases against theft, accidents and unforeseen events. We know that this benefit is highly valued by customers because the investment of their assets is being protected, said Sebastián Vogel, director of customer experience at Grupo Distelsa.

This is also possible thanks to a strategic alliance with the most prestigious and solid insurance institutions in the country such as Seguros El Roble, Aseguradora General and AGP Corredores de Seguros, providing extensive coverage and protection against theft and total or partial damage by applying different conditions. according to the type of product.

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