Tito Paz, the Platinum Voice of Cordoba radio, died

On the afternoon of this Thursday, the news of the death of Ramon Segundo “Tito Paz”, one of the most beloved historical voices of Cordoba radio. She was 99 years old and he On August 7, 2006, five decades after landing on the banks of the Suquía, Tito Paz read his last commercial ad and took refuge in retirement, according to the Suquía portal.

It is with deep pain that I inform you that my beloved husband, known as “Master Tito Paz, the platinum voice”, announced his wife.

His remains will be veiled at Av. Bulnes 1,592 from 9 am. until 11 a.m. His burial will be in the Solares de la Paz cemetery in Mendiolaza.

“I thank you all for joining me. María Teresita Ibarra de Paz, Official Announcer of the Government of the Province of Córdoba ”, thus ends the statement from his wife.

We remember that in August 2020, the couple had entered into a formal marriage within the framework of the pandemic, at that time Paz’s health had complications.

For more than four decades he was a companion of ruben torri in sports broadcasts. In addition, for many years he was also the commercial voice of Sucesos Deportivos, on Cadena 3, a program hosted by Victor Brizuela.

A commercial announcer par excellence, his brilliant voice, his confidence and attitude at the microphone during such a long career, earned the respect, recognition and affection of colleagues and the public who called him “Master”.

Tito Paz, was born in Las Cuchillas, department of La Paz, on October 30, 1935.

“At the age of 18 I had a particular voice and I read with intonation. You can see that the teacher liked it and he took me to LW7,” Ramón Segundo Paz said in a note made by La Voz del Interior, referring to Edgar Romano Boix, a professor of Citizen Culture, who, delighted with the texture of his voice, He offered to try his luck on that radio.

“Tito”, the nickname that accompanied him from birth, was based in that province where he was raised by his “mama-grandmother”, as he referred to María de los Ángeles, his grandmother. His mother was a rural teacher in La Cuchillas, a Catamarcan area and Diaguita settlement.

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