TIKTOK VIRAL: Boy with autism who steals attention by speaking 10 different languages

Endless stories have gone viral on social networks, as happened in the following case in which a boy named Sebastian Esposito he has learned several languages, such as Greek, German, Armenian and Turkish.

Thanks to his intelligence, through social networks he has captured the attention of thousands of users who “baptized” him as ‘Little Einstein’, who has surprised by his “perfect” memory knowing 10 different languages.

The minor’s parents spoke for the ABC News news, who were very proud to see their son succeed, because it was during the birth of the minor, that she and her mother were about to die because the minor had “stuck”.

But miraculously, the minor and his mother managed to be better, because the little one became connected to a ventilator in intensive care, The doctors told Sebastian’s parents that due to this situation there could be some developmental problems.

Sebastian a very intelligent boy

Years later, Sebastián was diagnosed with hyperlexia, a condition in which people who love to study in numbers areletters and many years before begin to read.

This means that although Sebas is very small, he manages to understand reading as if he were 18 years old, and it would also have been confirmed that he had autism.

In addition, the minor’s parents revealed to the television station that it was at 18 months that he began to play with wooden puzzles. and little by little to spell words, which resulted in her beginning to read.

It was when he was two years old, when children are just developing and drawing doodles, the youngest could already write more than 200 words.

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