Tigre and Argentinos Juniors define who will be Boca’s rival

Tigre and Argentinos Jrs., protagonists of a vibrant semifinal – ESPN Video

The unlikely protagonists of the other semifinal of the League Cup will meet this Sunday from 4:00 p.m. at the Tomás Adolfo Duco stadium in Parque Patricios.

The meeting will begin at 4:00 p.m., with arbitration by Andrés Merlos, televised by ESPN Premium, and each team received 18,000 seats, 15,000 popular and 3,000 seats, therefore 36,000 spectators will be able to witness the semifinal.


Tiger: Gonzalo Marinelli; Lucas Blondel, Víctor Cabrera, Abel Luciatti and Sebastián Prieto; Sebastián Prediger and Ezequiel Fernández; Alexis Castro or Ijiel Protti, Cristian Zabala and Facundo Colidio; Matthew Retegui. DT: Diego Martinez.

Argentine Juniors: Federico Lanzillotta; Kevin Mac Allister, Marco Di Cesare and Lucas Villalba; Faust Vera; Thiago Nuss, Gabriel Florentín, Gabriel Carabajal and Mariano Bíttolo; Gabriel Avalos and Nicolas Reniero. DT: Gabriel Milito.


Andres Merlos






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