This is how the Mendoza deputies voted for the zero tolerance project

Seven negative votes, two positive and one abstention. This is how they expressed themselves on Thursday night deputies nationals for Mendoza in the vote on the bill Zero breathalyzer at the wheel, which obtained half a sanction in the lower house.

As expected, among the 19 negative votes were the radicals Julio Cobos, Pamela Verasay, Lisandro Nieri and Jimena Latorre.

Julios Cobos.

Along these lines, the representatives of the PRO, Omar De Marchi and Álvaro Martínez, and of the Frente de Todos, Eber Pérez Plaza, also demonstrated.

Alvaro Martinez.

The Mendoza deputies who stood in the opposite direction and agreed to the project were the Peronists Adolfo Bermejo and Liliana Paponet, while Marisa Uceda, also from the PJ, abstained.

Adolfo Bermejo.

After several hours of debate in Congress, the vote ended with 192 positive votes, 19 negative and 4 abstentions, so that the law already has half a sanction and now goes to the Senate.

The initiative of zero tolerance, with a lot of resistance from various sectors in Mendoza, seeks to modify the Traffic Law and reduce from 0.5 to 0 milligrams the amount of alcohol per liter of blood allowed for driving vehicles.


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