This brewer is going to test the paper beer bottle

Danish brewery Carlsberg is to launch a pilot project of “paper” beer bottles in eight European countries. The brewer will deliver 8,000 bottles to consumers, customers and others, for example at festivals and events. The test with the sustainable bottle will take place in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Poland, Germany and France. A trial on this scale allows the brewer to get feedback from consumers, he says. The bottle is entirely organic, with the exception of the crown cap.

The Danes have already worked on the “fibre bottle”, which is 100% recyclable. The bottle, made of wood fiber, contains a layer of plant-based plastic (PEF) inside. This allows the beer to stay cold longer than glass bottles and cans. Dutch chemical company Avantium developed the plastic and the two companies have been working together for some time. Previous tests with this bottle have been successful.

Also on Wednesday, Avantium announced that it had won Carlsberg as a customer for its future plant-based plastics production facility. This is a conditional purchase contract. The Danes want to use plastic to make the Fiber Bottle when the Delfzijl plant starts up in 2024. Previously, Avantium had called on the Resilux packaging group from Wetteren, among others.

Carlsberg unveiled the bottle in 2019, which it has been working on with partner companies since 2015.

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